ArtViva Festival Presents: Meet the Artist- Robert Bodem

Robert Bodem grew up in New York, attending Boston University as an art student with initial plans to become an art educator. It was soon obvious to those around Rob that he could not simply teach art- he must take the subject more seriously. He did just that, soon becoming an apprentice to Dimitri Hadzi, Greek American abstract sculptor.

Rob studied and was exposed to drawing, painting and sculpting but he had a passion for abstract sculpture- through Hadzi he saw the process come to fruition, he handled materials of bronze, stone, granite and wood- he used a chainsaw to help sculpt the larger abstract shapes. His experience as an apprentice he says, taught him more than he ever learned in the University.

In 1996 Rob left his apprenticeship with Hadzi to move to Florence, Italy. What better place to continue working on sculpture than the home of some of the worlds most famous artists? He studied at the Florence Academy and began working more closely with figurative sculpture.

Rob’s sculptures are breathtaking and the story behind them, how they come to be, is equally so. His current theme? Human Inversion.  He is interested in the contrasts of life- of physical strength versus shyness and personal timidity. This comes to life in his artwork. He is not, however, one to elaborate for long on what his artwork means to him- he understands that for everyone his sculptures represent something different.

In the past 2 years, Roberts work has been showcased in galleries not only in the U.S. but also all over Europe. ArtViva is proud to announce they will be working with Robert Bodem. Clients will have an exclusive opportunity to hear the sculptor himself speak about his passion behind the art and see the sculptures themselves. This is an exclusive experience that you cannot miss. What better way to experience modern art in the Renaissance city, see the sculptures, hear the story behind them and meet the artist himself? For more information, and to book,  please click here.

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