ArtViva Presents: Meet the artist- Leo Mancini Hresko

Leo Mancini-Hresko was not planning on staying in Florence. He came here for a study abroad program in 2000, through the Art Institute of Boston. It was there he found the Florence Academy. He dropped his studies through Boston and decided to continue schooling in Florence permanently.
Mancini-Hresko’s paintings seem as if they come from another time period. Hauntingly beautiful paintings, meaningful brush strokes and an emphasis on contrast is what Mancini-Hresko works toward.
When listening to him explain his art, you can hear the passion and love for what he does.
“What always drew me to painting was the contrast between rough and smooth, harsh and subtle. That is where beauty is. I hope to draw the viewer in, to see the world a moment in the way I do.”
His paintings have been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe, with some of the more notable taking place in Florence, London, Santa Fé, Nantucket, Dublin, and New York.
He currently teaches at the Florence Academy but will also be working exclusively with ArtViva to present his paintings and explain his art. For more information, to book, and for other ArtViva Festival Experiences, click here.

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