ArtViva Festival Presents: Meet the Artist-Tessa Kiros

Tessa Kiros started travelling at a very young age. Born in London,  her family moved to South Africa when she was 4. By the time she was 18 she had one goal in mind: to travel and see the world by the time she was 30.

Her desire to travel and experience new cultures was also driven by her passion for food, specifically mediterranean cuisine. She worked for Angela Dwyer at the famous Groucho Club in Soho for a few years, fine tuning her culinary skills in creating flavorful yet simple dishes. She gained further experience through her travels- working in Mexico, Sydney and in Athens under chef Herve Pronzato.

 She planned on travelling to Italy for further experience, and like so many other expats now living here, she decided she had to stay. Settling in Siena, in the heart of Tuscany, she married the son of her cooking teacher and now writes cook books.

Her first book, Twelve, is based on the recipes she collected for herself, and from her husband’s family. What started as a food diary soon became a book of mouth-watering recipes that are simple yet delicious.

Twelve was a success, and soon afterwards she published her second cookbook. Based on her travels around the world and her love of diverse culinary dishes, Falling Cloudberries is a book of memories and recipes from her travel experiences as well as those collected from friends and family.

The most recent book, Apples for Jam, is perhaps the most sentimental. Kiros describes it as ” food for families, young people, old people, for the child in all of us…dishes from childhood and food I cook now for my family…it is whispering advice to a sister, swapping recipes over fences, sharing crumbs on a train with a stranger.”

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