Where else could you get a free glass of wine while talking with an Italian Prince??

ArtViva is now presenting its exclusive Festival Experience. We are proud to announce we are the only tour operator in Florence offering this one of a kind experience. Besides offering free things to do, every night we’ll provide different entertainment: so enjoy a glass of wine, and mingle with princes, aristocrats, artists, sculptors and writers. Hear their stories, have a chance to buy their wine, artwork or a signed book. Come away with something more than just a tour experience.  It’s the ArtViva Exclusive experience.

Every evening, from Monday to Saturday, at 5:30, ArtViva will be presenting the Artist Writers Salon, right in the historic center of Florence. Each evening will showcase someone new: look to our facebook page and other blog posts to see some of the artists and literati we’ll be hosting. The best part is, the Writer’s Salon is free when you sign up for the whole package! What else is there?

At 6:00 we’ll be presenting Italy explained by Princes, Counts and Literati. You’ll be fascinated as you hear the stories of these Italian aristocrats growing up, what they do now, how they’ve become famous winemakers- how you can become part of their famous vintage wines…you’ll hear stories from expat writers who have moved here and who will regale you with stories on murder, cooking, Tuscany, life in Italy, and everything in between! You’ll hear from actors and their life in Il  Bel Paese…you’ll walk away never looking at Italy the same- because you’ll have received an inside view of what the Bella Vita is really like!

At 7:00, we’ll start our Wine Salon Festival Evening. Do you enjoy your wine? Do you want to find out more? Our wine festival provides wine tastings unlike any other: they will be conducted by winemakers, Prince Corsini, Count Capponi, Opera Singers, Intellectuals, and others who live in Tuscany and definitely no their wine!

By booking now, you’ll receive this entire package for only 25Euros. That’s a steal. Where else can you go home telling your friends the stories you’ll hear from this event? And the people you’ve met? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you can’t miss out on!

And when it’s over, if you’re interested in making an evening out of it, why not let us take care of the planning? Add on dinner to the package, so you’re evening is completely booked. We’ll take care of reservations to a classic Pizzeria, where you’ll have wine and pizza unlike any other you’ve ever tried we guarantee it!

Are you tired of the same tourist.y places? Are you looking for something more interesting to do at night? Something that the entire family can enjoy, or perhaps just you and your partner? We guarantee you won’t find anything like this anywhere else. Sign up now!!

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