Looking for something to do in the evening in Florence?

One of the wonderful things about Italy is the continuity between the old and the new. Staying in a “modern” hotel that is housed in a fourteenth century palace, complete with frescoes on the walls; having lunch at a restaurant that has been run by the same family for centuries; or meeting an actual prince. A prince from one of Italy’s most historical families, who owns one of Italy’s most prestigious private art collections, and runs one of Chianti Classico’s oldest estates.

Staying in an antiquated hotel or eating at a historical restaurant is a relatively simple thing to do. Meeting a prince, however, is not something the average visitor to Italy gets a chance to do. Until now that is?

Artviva is proud to collaborate with Prince Duccio Corsini. At our exclusive evenings the prince will talk about what Italy really means. It’s a once in a life time opportunity to not only meet a real-life prince but to hear him explain “la dolce vita” that life in Italy is. Book now because space is limited.

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We at ArtViva love sharing the beauty of la dolce vita, from Italian art, history and culture to the wonderful food and wine and everything in between! Live the experience along with us through our articles and informative posts, and be sure to check out our outstanding small-group tours and experiences in Florence, Venice, Rome, Cinque Terre and beyond.
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