Some enchanted evening

Wondering what to do in the evening in Florence? Why not take advantage of this unique opportunity to meet an incredible man. A man whose prestigious ancestors include a pope and a saint.  Prince Duccio Corsini.

The Corsini family’s triumph can be dated to 1730, the year when Lorenzo Corsini ascended to the papal throne, which he held for ten years, as Clement XII. Pope Corsini was a great patron of the arts and an extremely cultivated man. Above all, he is remembered as the founder of the Capitoline Museums and patron of the Trevi Fountain, both in Rome.

His direct descendant, Prince Duccio Corsini, today owns one of the greatest private art collections in Italy, with art works by Botticelli, Raphael, Rubens and Bernini. The prince produces some of the highest quality wine and olive oil in Italy at his magnificent estates in Tuscany. At the Artviva Festival Experience Prince Corsini will talk about his family, his work and his greatest love of all ? Italy.

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