ArtViva Festival Schedule: Who we’re showcasing this month!

This month our artists, authors and presenters include:

Prince Duccio Corsini-  His family dates back to the 12th century, before the Renaissance. His ancestors include Pope Clement XII and Saint Andrea Corsini. Today Prince Corsini focuses on producing some of the most famous wines and olive oils in Italy. Here Prince Corsini talk about his ancestory, his life as a current day prince, and the joy of producing wine.

Count Niccolo Capponi- One of the few people to hold the title Florence Patricial, Niccolo Capponi is not only a count, but a scholar as well.  He attained his PhD from the University of Padua and is also a published author, specializing in military history. The Capponi palace, one of the most famous and important in Florence, has its own private artwork collection and manuscripts which include letters from Dante and various popes throughout history.

Count Sebastiano Capponi- Count Sebastian overseas the production of high quality Tuscan wine as well as extra virgin olive oil.The Capponi family have a long and illustrious history. Circumstantial evidence dates this important Florentine noble family back to 1054, while documentation extends back to 1215. The Capponi family rose to prominence in the Renaissance during the time of the Medici. Hear Count Sabastian speak about his production of wine and family history.

Maurizio Seracini- a famous art sleuth, a world-renowned art expert, and the only real person to be mentioned in Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code, Dr. Seracini is known worldwide as the leading expert in search- and on the verge of discovering- the lost DaVinci masterpiece, The Battle of Anghiari.  Hear him talk about his search and ask him questions about the missing DaVinci masterpiece.

Lisa Clifford- an Australian journalist and author who now lives in Florence. Her book, Death in the Mountains, revolves around the murder of her husband’s grandfather which took place more than a century ago. Lisa Clifford became so intrigued with the story that she was driven to investigate the events that took place more than a century ago. Hear her speak, and have the chance to buy your own autographed copy of Death in the Mountains!

Robert Bodem- is a wellknown sculptor in Florence who has also showcased all over Europe. Hear about the process and work that goes behind each piece. You’ll have the exclusive chance to talk to him, ask him questions, and also have the possibility to buy his work which will be displayed in our office.

Leo Mancini-Hresko-His paintings have been exhibited throughout the United States and Europe, with some of the more notable taking place in Florence, London, Santa Fé, Nantucket, Dublin, and New York. You’ll have a chance to meet him, ask him questions, and possibly buy one of his pieces.

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