ArtViva Festival: Tuesday, May 4th

5:30– 6:00 Festival Event- Meet Lisa Clifford

Lisa Clifford, an Australian journalist and author who now lives in Florence. Her book, Death in the Mountains, revolves around the murder of her husband’s grandfather. Lisa Clifford became so intrigued with the story that she was driven to investigate the events that took place more than a century ago. Her other book, The Promise ? an Italian Romance, is currently being filmed. Hear her speak about her novels and have the chance to buy your own autographed copy! For more info and Bookings check the ArtViva festival Experience page

6:00-7:00 Festival Event- Italy explained by Prince Duccio Corsini

His ancestors include Pope Clement XII and Saint Andrea Corsini. Today, Prince Corsini focuses on producing some of the most famous wines and olive oils in Italy. Hear Prince Corsini talk about his ancestry, his life as a current day prince and the joys of producing wine. For more info and Bookings check the ArtViva festival Experience page

7:00-8:00 Festival Event- Wine Salon presented by Prince Duccio Corsini

Learn what makes Tuscany’s wines great with this fun and easy ‘class’ on how to appreciate wine. This is a not-to-be missed occasion with tastings of some of the best local wines conducted by our illustrious patrons. For more info and to book check the ArtViva festival Experience page

About Artviva Tours, Italy

We love Italy and we’re here to share with you some tidbits from life in the Bel Paese – be it about the food, art, history, culture or some of the fun things going on that make up the mass of reasons why this truly is Bella Italia. You don’t just have to read about it though. You can live it with us too! We offer outstanding experiences in Florence, Venice, Rome, Cinque Terre and beyond. You can check out to read more about our Italy tours including: Florence Tours, Tuscany Tours, Rome Tours, Venice Tours, Cinque Terre Tours, Umbria Tours, Naples Tours, Pompeii Tours and more.
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