ArtViva Festival: Wednesday, May 5th

5:30-6:00 Festival Event- Meet Robert Bodem

An established sculptor and director of the sculpture programme at the Florence Academy of Art since 1998, he has done showcases in the U.S. and all over Europe. Hear about the process and work that goes behind each unique piece. You’ll have the chance to talk to him, ask him questions and also have the possibility to buy his beautiful sculptures which will be displayed in our festival salon. For more info and Bookings check the ArtViva festival Experience page

6:00-7:00 Festival Event- Italy explained by Count Sebastian Capponi

Today the event will be held by Count Sebastiano Capponi; Count Sebastiano oversees the production of high quality Tuscan wine as well as extra virgin olive oil.The Capponi family have a long and illustrious history. Circumstantial evidence dates this important Florentine noble family back to 1054, while documentation extends back to 1215. The Capponi family rose to prominence in the Renaissance during the time of the Medici. Hear Count Sebastiano speak about his production of wine and his rich family history. For more info and to book check the ArtViva festival Experience page

About Artviva Tours, Italy

We at ArtViva love sharing the beauty of la dolce vita, from Italian art, history and culture to the wonderful food and wine and everything in between! Live the experience along with us through our articles and informative posts, and be sure to check out our outstanding small-group tours and experiences in Florence, Venice, Rome, Cinque Terre and beyond.
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