Escaping the rain in Florence

Artviva has the perfect solution for the unseasonably rainy weather in Florence at the moment. Our Festival Evenings are held nightly Monday through Friday in our beautiful historic palace. The evening begins with a glass of wine and the chance to meet writers, painters and sculptors who have been inspired by Florence.

This is followed by an entertaining talk on Italy. If you’ve ever wondered about some of the more prosaic details of Italian life (why are there so many different police? why do Italians put on their best clothes to stroll aimlessly through the streets?) than this is the event for you. This world exclusive event is presented by locals who love their city and are in a unique position to talk about Italian life as they are from some of the most important Florentine families, among them the Corsini and Capponi.

The evening concludes with a fun ‘class’ on Tuscan wine. You’ll learn about the different varieties of grapes used in both red and white wines as well as production methods that date back centuries. And, best of all, you’ll get to sample the many different wines! To book this exciting event please click here.

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