Artisan craft fair begins tomorrow!

Don’t forget that tomorrow is the first day of the Artigianato e Palazzo (Artisan Craft Fair). This event takes place from Friday May 14th to Sunday May 16th in the beautiful Renaissance gardens of Palazzo Corsini. Over 80 artisans (including shoemakers, glass blowers and wood carvers) will be demonstrating their works and how they are made.

The gardens of Palazzo Corsini are normally closed to the public, which makes this an incredibly interesting and important event not to be missed. The Corsini family are one of the oldest noble families of Florence and Prince Duccio Corsini maintains the traditions that made his family so important during the Renaissance.

Prince Duccio Corsini is a fascinating man and his family history and love of Florence mean he is uniquely able to discuss Italian life and what makes Italy ? Italy. Artviva is proud to collaborate with him at our Festival evenings where our clients can hear him speak and sample his world famous wines nightly at our office on Via Sassetti in the heart of Florence. To book this world exclusive event please click here.

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