ArtViva Festival: Leo Mancini-Hresko

“No two inches of any picture should be treated the same. What always drew me to painting was the contrast between rough and smooth, harsh and subtle. That is where beauty is. I hope to draw the viewer in, to see the world a moment in the way I do.”

The passion Leo Mancini-Hresko has for painting can be heard through his description of the joy and beauty in painting. Originally from Boston, Mancini-Hresko came to Florence through a study abroad program at the Art Institute. His year abroad completely changed the direction of his life- after studying in the Renaissance city through his school, he decided to drop out and enroll in the Florence Academy for the Arts.

Today Leo teaches for the Academy as well as offering private lessons at his studio in Florence. He has exhibited throughout the United States and Europe, including exhibitions in Florence, London, Santa Fe, Nantucket, Dublin, and New York.

You can meet Leo exclusively through our ArtViva Festival Experience– be sure to check our website for our weekly festival schedule. You can also email us at:

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