ArtViva Festival: Lisa Clifford

“For reasons not understood by my husband’s family, Grandpa Artemio’s death was never investigated. It was not reported to the police, nor did Bruna Bruni, Artemio’s wife, ever demand justice. How could that be possible, I asked my mother-in-law ? was it because of the mafia? ‘No, no, you don’t understand,’ she answered. ‘Things were different in the mountains one hundred years ago. Grandpa and Grandma were poor farmers, no one could have cared less about them. Grandpa was a nobody and life was cheap in Tuscany then.”

Hear Lisa Clifford talk about her book, Death in the Mountains, and her investigation that took place 100 years after a murder in her husbands family. Offered only through ArtViva. Visit our ArtViva Festival Page for more information and to book!

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