ArtViva Festival presents: Count Niccolò Capponi

A prolific writer, Niccolò Capponi is the author of four books and numerous articles. His most recent book, Victory of the West: The Great Christian-Muslim Clash at the Battle of Lepanto (2007), is a vivid account of one of the most decisive military encounters in his-tory. Niccolò has also appeared on a number of television documentaries, including the celebrated PBS The Power of the Past with Bill Moyers. His latest appearance in the History Chanel’s The Medici Murder, dealing with the “Pazzi Conspiracy” against Lorenzo de’ Medici, received international acclaim. Niccolò’s next book will be arriving in June 2010.

ArtViva Festival is hosting Count Capponi- don’t miss the chance to meet this fascinating Count, ask him questions, and hear about life in Italy. Visit our website for more details and bookings.

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