ArtViva Festival: Robert Bodem

‘It’s happening now. I don’t struggle with the figure as I once did. Of course, the challenges of getting the proportion and gesture right are still there. But now there’s another battle that’s different. Now that I am in control of the human form, I can play with the pose, make it move. Finally I can focus on making sculpture speak.’

Robert Bodem grew up in NewYork and attended Boston University initially aspiring to be an art educator. But his talent for sculpting was not lost on those around him, and he was encouraged to take the subject more seriously as a professional artist.  He became an apprentice to the Greek American abstract sculptor Dimitri Hadzi and in 1996 moved on to the Florence Academy for the Arts. He- like many other artists and sculptors fell in love with the Renaissance city, and never left.

Clients will have an exclusive opportunity to hear the sculptor himself speak about his passion behind the art and see the sculptures themselves. An exclusive experience offered only through ArtViva- What better way to experience modern art in the Renaissance city, see the sculptures, hear the story behind them and meet the artist himself? You’ll also have a chance to purchase Robert’s amazing sculptors. Don’t miss out on our Festival Event.

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