Lorenzo Carcaterra

ArtViva is proud to announce they will be hosting a book signing by famous author Lorenzo Carcaterra.

Perhaps best known for his number NewYork Times best sellers (Sleepers, Chasers, Paradise City, and Gangster, to name a few)  Lorenzo’s writing career is much more than just fiction: he has also written non-fiction, for various magazines- such as People and New York Daily News-worked as a television writing consultant and for films

His best seller, Sleepers, was published in over 35 countries and exceeded over 1.4 million copies. It was then made into a film, in which he co-produced, starring Brad Pitt, Robert DeNiro, and Dustin Hoffman, to name a few.

A first generation American, his Italian ancestory has had an impact on his writing:

It is, for me, the most peaceful place I could hope to find. ..The Church of Santa Croce in the city of Florence , Italy is the final resting place of many of the giants of the Renaissance?I stepped inside the church on my first visit to Italy when I was 14. It was then I first began to understand what it meant to be Italian. Walking in silence and staring up at these tributes to legends, I realized there was more to my history than what I learned living in a working class neighborhood of New York City and what little I had seen on TV or movie screens. We were not simply about thugs in sweats, pizza by the slice and World War II movies depicting us as cowards or traitors.

Through the years, I made an effort to learn about the country where I was conceived, where my roots are, where my mother was born and would die. With the films of Vittorio De Sica and stories told to me by my Grandma Maria, I knew our experience during the war was one of bravery and strife, struggle and grief, unsung heroes dying from hunger or enemy fire on the streets of cities they loved.

And while Hollywood continued to paint us with a gangster’s brush, convincing even many Italians of that fact, I knew it to be a tainted portrait. We had given the world the Renaissance and the great works that period produced. We had explored the realms of science through men of genius, from Da Vinci to Galileo. (Excerpt from www.amazon.com)

Lorenzo currently resides in Hell’s Kitchen in New York, but will be visiting Florence later on in the year and will be present for a book signing at ArtViva. Don’t miss this incredible event to meet Lorenzo, hear him talk about his latest book, Midnight Angels,  and buy your own autographed copy.


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