Adopt a Vine from an Italian Prince….become a stakeholder in a vintage wine

Are you a wine lover? Do you want an experience unlike any other on your next trip to the Bel Paese? What if you had something to bring back from your vacation other than just a good bottle of vintage wine? What if  you could actually become a stakeholder in the vintage of a prestigious wine? And if that prestigious wine was part of one of the most prestigious wine estates in all of Tuscany, owned by Prince Duccio Corsini?

ArtViva is now offering a service unlike any other- not only will you meet the Italian Prince Duccio Corsini, receive a personal tour of his vineyards located in the heart of Tuscany, learn his art of wine making, but you will also become a stakeholder. Once becoming a personal stakeholder in his vineyard, you will receive a personalized engraved metal name place which will be placed in the Don Tommaso Vineyard. After lunch with the Prince himself, you will be presented with 2 bottles of the fine Don Tommaso wine to bring back. You will receive updates on your adopted vintage wine and 6 monthly samples to see how the wine is progressing.

Once the grapes on your adopted vine are ready to be picked and bottled, you will receive six bottles of your vintage Don Tommaso wine.

Highlights and What’s Included

o A complete visit of the Prince’s wine cellar, the vineyards and Villa Le Corti.
o A tasting of Principe Corsini wines and extra virgin olive oils.
o A gift box containing 2 bottles of Don Tommaso Chianti Classico crù, current vintage.
o A lunch with the Prince Duccio Corsini at the Winery.
o A metal plate fixed at a selected vine from which Don Tommaso will be produced, with the name of its “parents”.
o 3 small samples (one every six months) shipped to the “parent’s” home, to see how the next vintages’ Don Tommaso are growing up.
o Finally, after 2 years, receive a wooden case containing 6 bottles of Don Tommaso (in your adopted vintage).

For more information, and to book, click here.

Notes: This Exclusive Experience does not include transportation to and from the villa for your visit with Prince Corsini.  To book a private transfer with us, and for more information, click here.

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