Discover Italy – Raising a child in Renaissance Florence

Most guide books about Florence deal only with facts ? how tall a certain tower is, how long it took to paint an altarpiece etc. But there is much more to Florence than just facts. Our Festival Evenings will give you a much better understanding of life in Italy today and through the centuries.

 For example, the method of child-rearing in Medieval and Renaissance times was quite different to the ways we are now accustomed to. Babies were nursed for two years and then without transition given good Tuscan wine. In order not to spoil boys and to build character they were made to sleep once a week fully clothed on a hard bench with the windows open!

 Join us Monday through Friday in our beautiful historic palace in the center of Florence to hear actual princes and counts, whose ancestors were raised in a similar fashion, talk about what Italy really means. The evening begins with a glass of complimentary wine at 5:30 pm, reservations are needed as this unique event is filling up fast ? to book please click here.

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