Festival of Gelato comes to Florence tomorrow!

Don’t forget that from tomorrow May 28th to 30th the city of Florence will be transformed into gelato lover’s paradise. Some say The Festival of Gelato is the most important event to arrive in Florence in 2010. This is probably an exaggeration? but it will be lots of fun!

Entrance to the festival is completely free, but for gelato tasting you will have to purchase a card. Artviva offers this tip on how to judge gelato: look at the banana flavour. If the banana is bright yellow that means it’s made from artificial ingredients, whereas an unappetizing gray colour (the actual colour of bananas) tells you it really is made from bananas! What do you do if the gelateria doesn’t offer banana? Look at the colors in general, the brighter more neon colored the gelato is, the worse it will taste. In general the worse the gelato looks the better it will taste!

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