Historic football in Florence

Visitors to Florence this summer should make sure to catch the yearly historic football in Piazza Santa Croce. Calcio Storico, “historic football”, is played in this beautiful square every year. In the Renaissance, as now, the game is played by four teams representing the four main areas of the city. Two semi-finals are held and the winners then play each other and a cow is the prize for the winning team.

 Each team is made up of twenty-seven players who play in part of the roped off piazza, which is covered with sand. Each game lasts fifty minutes and the goal is to get the ball into a net that is three feet high and runs the length of one side of the square. Each time a goal is scored the players change sides. The rules are that there are no rules! The ball can be kicked as well as held. Players are allowed to hit one another, kick, and bite, whatever they please! It’s a very bloody game! If you want to watch a game it will take place on Saturday June 12. It is certainly one of the most traditional and entertaining things you will ever see!

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