Visit Tuscan Villas and Gardens for free!

From the 17th of June until the 14th of November visitors to Florence will have the opportunity to visit various gardens and villas normally closed to the public for free. Every Thursday through Sunday from 10 am to 1 pm and 3 pm to 7 pm different villas and gardens will be open to the public. Not only is entrance to the sites free but free bus transport is provided every Sunday from the train station, for information and reservations telephone +39-055-2340742.

 Among the sites you can visit are the Corsini Villa and the garden of the Medici Villa at Castello. The Villa was actually built for the Strozzi family in the 15th century but ownership passed to the Corsini family in 1697. The interior of the Villa is a beautiful example of baroque exuberance which today houses an important archaeological collection, including a beautiful 2nd century A.D. Roman statue of Sleeping Ariadne.

 The Corsini family has been one of the most important families of Florence for over seven hundred years. The family dates back to the twelfth century, before the Renaissance even began and is still flourishing to this day. Few families anywhere in the world can boast such prestigious ancestors as the Corsini ? a pope (Pope Clement XII in the 18th century) and a saint (Sant’Andrea Corsini in the 14th century) among them.

 Today Prince Duccio Corsini maintains the traditions that made his family so important during the Renaissance. Prince Duccio Corsini is a fascinating man and his family history and love of Florence mean he is splendidly able to talk about Italian life and what makes Italy ? Italy. Artviva is proud to collaborate with him at our Festival evenings where our clients can hear him speak and sample his world famous wines nightly at our office on Via Sassetti in the heart of Florence. To book this world exclusive event please click here.

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