Historic football tomorrow in Florence!

Don’t forget that tomorrow the first match of Calcio Storico will take place in Piazza Santa Croce. The game is said to originate from an ancient Roman ball sport, which became the sport of princes and noblemen in the golden age of the Tuscan capital. Today it is fiercely fought between the four Florentine quarters: San Giovanni, Santa Maria Novella, Santo Spirito and Santa Croce.

Clad in medieval garters and pantaloons, players often seem more preoccupied with attacking each other than actually putting the ball anywhere, though the rules of the game are fairly complex. The aim is to seize the ball and put it in the net (which runs the entire width of the pitch) by whatever means available. Players are allowed to hit one another, kick, and bite, whatever they please! It’s a very bloody game! If you want to watch a game they will take place this weekend on Saturday June 12 and Sunday June 13 It is certainly one of the most traditional and entertaining things you will ever see!

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