Visiting Venice

Venice is composed of 118 little islands linked by 400 bridges the best way to travel in Venice is by boat. The gondola was invented by the city of Venice soon after it was founded in 166 AD and Artviva‘s unique Original Gondola Tour will allow you to slip back in time as you glide past palaces and churches whose reflections shimmer in the water.

The gondola is deceptively simple in design but it actually is made up of 280 pieces of wood from eight different trees. Fewer and fewer people are going into the gondola making business: fifty years ago there were over 40 gondola workshops but today there are only two remaining. Becoming a gondolier is very competitive and difficult, potential gondoliers must undergo rigourous training and pass an extensive exam. Try it for yourself on our Learn to be a Gondolier tour.

About Artviva Tours, Italy

We at ArtViva love sharing the beauty of la dolce vita, from Italian art, history and culture to the wonderful food and wine and everything in between! Live the experience along with us through our articles and informative posts, and be sure to check out our outstanding small-group tours and experiences in Florence, Venice, Rome, Cinque Terre and beyond.
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