Great restaurants in Florence

Italy is justly famous for its food and Florence is no exception. However, finding a restaurant that locals actually eat at can prove surprisingly difficult. Especially tricky is finding a local restaurant that serves good authentic Florentine beefsteak.

 Artviva’s Festival evenings are the perfect start to an evening in Florence. The evening begins with a complimentary wine for our clients in a beautiful historic palace as well as the unique opportunity to meet local artists and authors. This is followed by a talk given by actual princes and counts descended from Florentine Renaissance noble familes on what makes Italy so special. The evening concludes with wine tasting in a fun ‘class’ on wine.

 Artviva is proud to collaborate with Prince Duccio Corsini and to recommend his favourite restaurant Lungarno 23 where you can enjoy wonderful Florentine burgers in a beautiful restaurant actually frequented by locals!

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