Great restaurants in Florence

Italy is justly famous for its food and Florence is no exception. However, finding a restaurant that locals actually eat at can prove surprisingly difficult. Especially tricky is finding a local restaurant that serves good authentic Florentine beefsteak.

 Artviva’s Festival evenings are the perfect start to an evening in Florence. The evening begins with a complimentary wine for our clients in a beautiful historic palace as well as the unique opportunity to meet local artists and authors. This is followed by a talk given by actual princes and counts descended from Florentine Renaissance noble familes on what makes Italy so special. The evening concludes with wine tasting in a fun ‘class’ on wine.

 Artviva is proud to collaborate with Prince Duccio Corsini and to recommend his favourite restaurant Lungarno 23 where you can enjoy wonderful Florentine burgers in a beautiful restaurant actually frequented by locals!

About Artviva Tours, Italy

We love Italy and we’re here to share with you some tidbits from life in the Bel Paese – be it about the food, art, history, culture or some of the fun things going on that make up the mass of reasons why this truly is Bella Italia. You don’t just have to read about it though. You can live it with us too! We offer outstanding experiences in Florence, Venice, Rome, Cinque Terre and beyond. You can check out to read more about our Italy tours including: Florence Tours, Tuscany Tours, Rome Tours, Venice Tours, Cinque Terre Tours, Umbria Tours, Naples Tours, Pompeii Tours and more.
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