Strike Announced for Florence Museums&Transport


A strike has been announced for all State Museums (including the Uffizi and Accademia), as well as for public transport services for tomorrow, 25th June 2010.

From 10.00am until 6.00pm tomorrow, Regional trains will not be operating.  Eurostar and FrecciaRossa however scheduled to run as normal. Whilst there are also certain major Regional train lines that are ‘guaranteed’ to run, even many of these are often delayed or cancelled (‘SOP’ is written on the departures board to indicate suspension of the service).

On occasion, the museums do still let people in despite the strike, but we at Artviva are taking precautions and have rescheduled our museum tours.

If you are looking for alternative activities, we are still able to offer city walking tours (The Original Florence Walking Tour, The Original Evening Walk) as well as our Bike Tours and Villa Visit activities.

At 6.15pm, we are also hosting the Artviva Festival with Count Niccolò Capponi.  Pass an hour or two with a count, as he recounts  fascinating stories about life as a Tuscan Count, and talks about his family wine production. You will then be able to taste the wines for yourself.  Price is 25 euro per person.

For more information on our tours, please visit our webpage, call 055/2645033 or visit us directly in our offices at Via Sassetti, 1 in the centre of Florence.

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