Bram Stoker’s Dracula at the Bargello Museum – “HE’S COMING…”

Bram Stoker’s horror classic, Dracula, adapted by William McNulty and directed by Shaun Loftus will be performed at the Bargello Museum, Via Proconsolo 4, Florence, Italy from June 26th – July 9th at 9.15 p.m. Tickets will be available online at, at any Box Office location or, or at BM Bookshop (Borgo Ognissanti 4/r -FI). In English with Italian language subtitles. Tickets: Adults ? 25, Reduced/12-and-under ? 17,50.

This summer, theatregoers are promised a treat when F.E.S.T.A. brings Bram Stoker’s Dracula to Florence. Terrifying, funny, and -occasionally shocking, the play will be directed by Shaun Loftus. Blood curdling, action packed scenes come courtesy of renowned SFSD fight director Dan Lendzian, and the spine-chilling musical score is written by Florence’s own Alessio Riccio. Together, our team is preparing a horror-filled evening of entertainment, sure to thrill and frighten all but the most stalwart horror aficionados!

The famous Bargello Museum’s beautiful yet eerie architecture and blood-soaked history creates a particularly stunning and haunting atmosphere ideal for the play. The well in the center of the courtyard will be the focal point ? a metaphor for that which joins our earthly world to those terrifying things that lurk deep below the surface.

An international cast, haling from England, America and Singapore, as well as Italy, will perform in the original language, but subtitles, film and choreography will ensure that an international audience enjoys the show. American Shaun Loftus, who thrilled us last year with her sold-out Macbeth at the Bargello, is directing again. The cast is: Vittorio Cucci as Count Dracula, Elia Nichols (last year’s Lady Macbeth) as Lucy, Allan Caister-Pearce as Professor Van Helsing, Dan Lendzian as Jonathan Harker, Claude Girardi as Dr. Thomas Seward, Garth Laughton as Renfield, Francesco Renzoni as Norbert Briggs, Stephanie Taylor as Ms. Sullivan, and Suzanne daSilva, Margherita Ventura, and Camilla Ribechi as the alluring brides of Dracula.

The performance will be a tantalizing mixture of suspense and drama, sure to bring a shiver of delight to residents and visitors during the hot Florentine summer. Performances will be held from June 26 ? July 9. The show which runs for approximately an hour and a half and starts at 9:15 p.m.

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