What’s cooking at Artviva – Tessa Kiros recipes

The cooking enthusiasts among us at Artviva are all excitedly cooking some great new recipes from the Tessa Kiros cookbooks that we have here in the office*.
Her new title, ‘Twelve: A Tuscan Cook Book’ features recipes divided up into months of the year, so you can easily select from the range of recipes that best reflects what items are in-season right now.
The dessert-maker amongst us is having a great time cooking some of the sweets in Apples for Jam (which also does have a great selection of savoury delights too, by the way). The latest offering has been delicious Pomegranate & Apple Jellies!
Tessa Kiros was born in London to a Finnish mother and a Greet-Cypriot father. The family moved to South Africa when she was four and, at the age of 18, Tessa set off to travel and learn all she could about the world’s cultures, traditions, new ways of living, and of course, eating and cooking!
She has cooked at Londond’s The Groucho Club and in Sydney, Athens and Mexico. On a trip to Italy to study the language and food, she met her husband, Giovanni, and now lives in Tuscany.
Books by Tessa include ‘Twelve: A Tuscan Cook Book’, which follows the regions’ recipes throughout the seasons, and ‘Falling Cloudberries’, a collection of family recipes and stories. She has also written the highly acclaimed ‘Apples for Jam’, and ‘Piri Piri Starfish: Portugal Found’. Time spent in Venice inspired her titles, ‘A Venetian Journal: food, travel, dreams’ and also, ‘Venezia: food and dreams’.
* Also available for purchase from us ? the books that is, not the actual meals we’re making!
If you would like to purchase a copy of one of Tessa’s fabulous books, you can do so from our office at Via de’ Sassetti, 1 in the centre of Florence.
You can also come in to book Academia Gallery tour (the Original David tour), guided Florence tours, wine tasting tours, bike tours, walking tours, and many other Tuscany activities and things to do in Florence. We also have guided tours in Rome, guided tours in Venice (including a gondola tour and Grand Canal tour too). You can see more details on our website, www.italy.artviva.com or email us for any enquiries on staff@artviva.com.

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