Royal Food and Wine Pairing Suggestions

Principe Corsini, one of the esteemed guests at our Artviva Festival events, has a fantastic range of wines, which according to Principe Corsini, are exalted by food pairings such as the following suggestions:

Panzanella with quail egg and White Birillo 2009 Tuscan Vermentino
Casarecce with red radicchio, pecorino cheese, walnuts and Le Corti 2007

Main Course:
Roasted rabbit with thyme, wine and green olives, and Reserve Cortevecchia 2007
Roast beef served with DOP olive oil and rosemary from the garden of the Villa, and Don Tommaso 2006

Pear cake with ricotta and almonds, mascarpone with apricots, both combine perfectly with Vinsanto Sant’ Andrea.

Prince Corsini comes from one of Italy’s most historical families, has one of Italy’s most prestigious private art collections, and runs one of Chianti Classico’s oldest wine estates. The Corsini family has been a patron of the arts since the Renaissance, with a history dating back to 1211. Now a winemaker, Prince Corsini will entertain us with stories of his famous ancestors, and teach us how to best enjoy his Tuscan wine!

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