Interesting Italian Wives’Tales and Superstitions

Did you know that hiding a pair of scissors in a stream that runs near a house was thought to ‘cut away’ bad water from passing by so that only good water comes by the house?

Reading Lisa Clifford’s fascinating ‘Death in the Mountains’, one interesting aspect is learning about the superstitions the country folk held.

Another interesting fact was that children were given raw garlic to chew on to keep away illness and Satan.

But what about witches? They could be kept out of the home by hanging a fir tree branch from the front door because ‘before entering, a witch is required to count each branch’s needles and, as this takes a long time, she loses her patience and leaves’.

Another belief was that the sixth child to be born would have a sixth sense for things.

You can find about out these and other interesting facts in Lisa Clifford’s ‘Death in the Mountains’, available for sale in the Artviva office.

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