Creative Festival: Festival della Creatività

Once a year in Florence’s ‘Fortress’, Fortezza da Basso, the Festival della Creatività is held. Exhibitions, concerts, art and artists, not to mention live music, great food ? and perhaps a little wine ? are all enjoyed inside one of the most historical complexes in Florence.

Held at Florence’s Fortezza da Basso, which you can see is like a star on the map of Florence. This fortress was constructed with the utopian aim of being a safe-haven where there ever to be a major attack on Florence. The idea was that a specially selected cross-selection of the most important people in the city, from nobles to top politicians, artists to bakers, would be able to hide out here during an attack and be able to safely live inside the thick walls until peace was restored.

La Fortezza da Basso (Fortress Base) is officially known as Fortezza di San Giovanni Battista (The St. John the Baptist Fortress). It was built between 1534-1537.

Today it is strangely also unique for being the only location in Florence with truly modern buildings, being that the historical city centre of Florence is both lacking in space for new structures, and heritage laws stand as strong and stall as the buildings themselves!

Festival della Creatività
21-24 October, 2010
Tel: +39 055 4369109

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