The Tree – French film shot in Australia, being shown in Florence

The Artviva office is located in the Odeon cinema building (on the street around the left-hand side of the cinema entrance in fact). This past week in fact, Artviva staff have felt the ground tremor below them with each screening of the latest action-packed blockbuster that clearly has some great special effects!

This Friday, 22nd October at 10.30 pm (the standard Italian movie-going time), the French community has sent out an invitation to a screening of a French film shot entirely in Australia, with an Australian cast ? ‘The Tree.’

Adapted to screen from Australian writer Judy Pescoe’s book, Our Father Who Art in the Tree, the movie is a co-production between Australia and France, starring Charlotte Gainsbourg.

This movie is in English (well, Australian actually) with French and Italian subtitles. ‘The Tree’ screens at the Odeon as part of the French Film Festival on Friday October 22nd at 10:30pm. 5 Euro entrance fee.

Thanks to Australian author Lisa Clifford for sending this information to Artviva. You can meet Lisa Clifford this Friday at 5.45pm at the Artviva Festival where she will be talking about how she solved a 100-year-old Tuscan murder mystery. To attend, please contact us on +39 055 264 5033 or email If you would like to stay on to meet Count Niccolò Capponi, a renowned historian (whose home incidentally was featured as the residence of Hannibal Lector in the movie Hannibal (and Count Capponi even played a historian in the film!), who will discuss about being a Tuscan count and then guide you through a wine tasting of wines produced by his family estate, the cost is 15 euro per person for the tasting.

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