An Artist in a Renaissance Villa -Studio Visit

Exhibit by Donatella Mei

Today we were privileged to visit artist Donatella Mei at her stunning renaissance villa, studio and gardens near Florence.

Donatella Mei was born in Florence where today she lives and works. Mei received degrees in Classical sudies and Art but she has chosen art, a path

already undertaken in her youth under the tutelage of her artist father.
In 1990 she directed her quest for lightness and intangibleness to use the delicate transparency of the polymeres (P.V.C, plexiglas) and acetate. Recently, she added the technology of light to her large installations and for the small sculptures.

Donatella is prestigiously exhibited in the Pitti Palace museum in Florence.

Her fascinating sculpture exhibited there is titled  Fuga dagli Uffizi and  was inspired directly by Botticelli’s “La primavera” in the Uffizi, the Florentine museum created by the Medici. In this famous painting, some of the gods are portrayed barefoot in a beautiful flowering meadow. The goddess Venus, shown in the background but the ideal and visual focal point of the work, is the only figure depicted wearing Roman-style sandals. I conceived a miniature meadow made of an 11cm by 33cm piece of Plexiglas “turf” divided into six equal, overlapped layers, engraved or printed with the characteristic signs of a meadow, its grass and its roots. The top layer was laser printed with a sandal-print in which the goddess’s sandal, itself composed of three engraved and printed layers, can be laid. When you walk over a meadow (even though you are a goddess!) some blades of grass do stick to your soles…
But the goddess “flees”, she flees from the meadow of art and beauty, she flees from the Uffizi.

The art work by Donatella in the Pitti Palace Muesum of Modern Art

Artwork by Donatella Mei
Donatella at her studio today

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  1. ARIIIIIIIII!!!! You’re AMAZING. Thank you again for all of your hard work. Can’t wait to hang out again! DF