THOSE RUDE ROMANS – When swearing is caring

Going out for a meal, be it in your home town or in Italy, is a treat. Even if you love cooking, to be able to sit back and relax whilst someone serves you expertly prepared food, is just heavenly. And you don’t even have to do the dishes at the end (assuming you haven’t forgot your wallet, that is!).

But there is one restaurant in Rome where clients pay for a serve of whining as they wine and dine.

At the Cenco: la parulaccia is the place to be if you want the Roman waiters to stand by you, calling you all sorts of (not very nice) things.

Cenco is actually the word for ‘rag’ in Italian, and a swear word is a ‘parulaccia’. You’ll be sure to learn many a new Italian word as you dine since each plate comes with a side of swearing, peppered with abuse!

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Please note: swearing and abuse is NOT included in the tour!

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