Artviva serenaded by Italy’s Armed Forces

It’s one of the many (really, many!) wonderful things about Italy that when there is need for fanfare, it is done in style*.

Today, as the Artviva staff were working hard as usual (and nibbling on some Terra Kiros-recipe banana bread made by one of the office staff!), we were delighted by the big-band sound of a marching band passing right underneath our office windows.

You’d think we would be used to this, as parades often pass by on their way to the nearby Piazza della Repubblica, but there are just some things you never do tire of.

We were even more delighted to see that those serenading us where the marching band members of the Armed Forces, marching for National Unity and Armed Forces Day or ‘Giorno dell’Unità Nazionale e Festa delle Forze Armate’ (which, not so coincidently coincides with the Victory over Austria-Hungary of 1918 in the Battle of Vittorio Veneto).

Here are some photos we managed to capture of the event.

(*Actually, when it comes to Italians, and especially Florentines, everything is done in style!)

Tessa Kiros books are available in the Artviva office, as Tessa is involved with the Artviva Festival (currently on winter break, but returning in 2011).

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