English-language Newspapers in Florence

Visiting a land where the language is not your own can oscillate from being liberating to alienating.

Actually living in a foreign language however is a whole new ball-park. Little things that you didn’t even think about at home can become quite challenging. From finding out where to buy your favourite ingredients, to making a dentist appointment, let alone getting a driver’s licence or buying property, can present quite a challenge!

There are however some newspapers available in Italy that can help new English-speaking arrivals with keeping up with the latest news, help to understand the local laws and political system, or even just find out where you can catch live music or see an English movie!

We’ve put together a list of some English-language publications from the Tuscan region. So whether you are lucky enough to call Italy home, or just visiting for a short time, you can find out what is happening in Italy and beyond by picking up a copy of these English-language news publications:

– The Florentine
Produced fortnightly (except during their summer hiatus), the Florentine keeps readers up to date on local and national news and current affairs, as well as having articles on culture, food, events, and the joys (and sometimes stresses!) of calling Italy home. There are also classifieds and a what’s-on section. For a list of places to pick up a copy (or to just read the articles online) visit: www.theflorentine.net

– The Florence Newspaper
Local news, events, travel stories, sports articles, cultural events, eco-tourism, book reviews and other interesting articles on life in Florence line the 16-odd pages of this delightful newspaper. For distributors, see: www.theflorencenewspaper.it

– Vista
A thin magazine, Vista is great to find out what’s on, learn about cultural events and traditions, and read up on places to visit and things to do as a visitor or local in Tuscany. 4 issues are published annually. Their online home is www.vistaflorence.com

– FIRENZE: Made in Tuscany
Big and glossy, this magazine is perfect to fit in your tote as you head to the local salon for a new Italian ‘do. Celebrity interviews, fashion, and events, lifestyle, cultural articles – it’s like a Tuscany-focused Vogue filled with flawless faces and fabulous fashion. Three issues a year are published.

– Visit Art Florence
Published twice a year, this tabloid-size magazine focuses on the arts in Florence. Listing must-attend events, things to see, places to do, and including a handy events map, this is also a great companion for those who have visited Florence before and are looking for new and wonderful things to explore.

– Toscana & Chianti News
Food and wine, tourist routes and art ? this bi-annual publication is big and glossy and filled to the brim with great articles on ? as you’d guess ? Tuscany and Chianti. Each article is written both in English and Italian, so great if you’re trying to learn the language too! www.toscanaechiantinews.com

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