Why you should know about ASTA

ASTA: The American Society of Travel Agents

ASTA stands for the American Society of Travel Agents, and is the world’s largest association of travel professionals. The aim of the association is to ensure quality standards in travel ‘through effective representation, shared knowledge and the enhancement of professionalism’.

It was founded in 1931, originally as American Steamship and Tourist Agents’ Association. Whilst steamships may not be so common these days, travel certainly is and ASTA itself has managed to travel to around 140 other nations that now boast ASTA members.

It is illegal in Italy to offer tours and services if not a registered tour operator or travel agency.

Serving as a safety-net for travellers, the ASTA motto is ‘without an agent, you are on your own!’.

It is useful for tour operators and agencies to be members of ASTA as in becoming a member, you are declaring conformance with certain rules and ethical procedures.

And if you’re planning a trip, that’s good news if you’re looking for some guarantees when booking tours online!

With the internet, it is easy to promote yourself as a tour agent and generate business. But it is still important to protect your clients and be responsible in provision of your services.

Artviva director, Rose Magers, is the International Chapter president of ASTA for Italy. Rose became a member to ensure the quality of tours, the legitimacy of the services.

Benefits are listed on ASTA site, and include access to member lists, and you become a member of the ASTA linked-in to network with other agents.

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