Hey, doll face – l’Ospedale delle Bambole – An unusual place to visit in Naples

Ospedalle delle Bambole - 1950's doll under observation, diagnosed with sad doll sickness! Stunning photo by Ciro Seccia

In a little cobbled street in Naples, in a little cluttered store, thousands of little bodies and body parts lie. Eyes stare blankly out from behind the dusty windows, some mouths agape, others have their tiny lips pursed, yet a few give a wink and a smile.


This macabre imagery is in reality something sweeter – l’Ospedale delle Bambole, the Hospital for Dolls.

The street it is on is quaintly named after bookmakers (‘Librai’) who worked their trade here centuries ago.

People from around Italy and beyond send in their broken dolls and random doll parts to the Doll Hospital where the resident doll ‘surgeon’ can use them to create new and beautiful (or at least unusual) ‘bambole’.


This hospital has been here since 1800 and has continued as a family-run operation dedicated to the serious business of fixing up dolls. Initially, dolls were usually made from wax, rags and on rare occasions, porcelain. Today, there are dolls of all makes and models, even some teddy bears in need of some attention.


The Ospedale delle Bambole also has their own Facebook page and Ospedale delle Bambole website. You can also watch some footage of the store online.

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l’Ospedale delle Bambole

via San Biagio dei Librai, 81 80131

Napoli, Italy

tel. +39 081 203067 cell. +39 339 5872274


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