UTOPIA: the ideal art exhibition in Florence

'Why Here' by Pietro Manzo as part of the Florence art exhibit, UTOPIA






Utopia, a coin termed by Sir Thomas More in writing his treatise of the same name, has its origins in the term ‘no place’. The meaning of the title which was first published in the early 1500s, has ironically evolved over time to mean a perfect place.


Tonight in Florence, the capital city of idyllic Tuscany and a historic hub of art and artisan crafts, and pretty darn close to the perfect place to live, the exhibition ‘UTOPIA’ is being held in an old workshop.


Via il Prato is, by the way, also the site of the pizza heaven that is ‘Funiculì’ and chocolate paradise can be found in the desserts of Bar Ross restaurant, so if you are seeking paradise, it is not a bad place to start!


The Utopia exhibition features works from a group of artists that have utilised video, painting, sculpture and photography to create an exhibition that confronts the theme of ‘premature realities’ that are Utopias, says the event coordinator and featured artist, Fiona Corsini.

Artists featured in the exhibit are: Francesca Guicciardini, Caterina Enni, Gianluca Gori, Olivia Magris, Olimpia Benini, Fiona Corsini, Alex Hamilton, Pietro Manzo, Paolo Fumagalli, Agata Monti.


The exhibit will remain open until the 22nd December, 2010 at the ‘Officina’ on via il Prato, 65 in Florence.

Fiona Corsini is a member of the historic Corsini family.

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