La Dolce Vita: Keeping it sweet this Valentine’s Day

La Dolce Vita - frolicking in one of Rome's must-see sights, the Trevi Fountain.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the red-heart window displays, the florists’ fireworks of flowers, it all got us thinking to romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day ? or good ways to avoid the hype for the singles amongst us!


We found inspiration at the nearby Odeon cinema, which on February 14th is showing La Dolce Vita.


So whether you’re looking for a romantic thing to do on Valentine’s Day, or something fun to do with single friends (or perhaps even looking for a way to avoid having to talk to a dud Valentine’s date!), you could opt to watch one of the world’s best romantic movies.


First released in 1960, La Dolce Vita is one of those must-see films that never seems to go out of style.

In fact, so much are people inspired by the film, that many people visit Italy just to follow in the literal footsteps of Sylvia and Marcello (played by Anita Eckberg and Marcello Mastroianni respectively) along Via Venito and to the Majestic Hotel in Rome, whilst the Trevi Fountain*, as if it weren’t fabulous enough in its own right, takes on an even more romantic character for fans of La Dolce Vita.

The Trevi Fountain, featuring the Corsini coat of arms. Photo by Marcus Obal.

The film has even influenced the English language, with the pesky photographer in the film, Paparazzo, being the forerunner to today’s ‘paparazzi’.


In terms of Fellini’s influence on fellow filmmakers, and La Dolce Vita references in films and TV programs, the list is exhausting.


Martin Scorsese made a documentary in 1999 titled ‘My Voyage to Italy’ in which he talked about the Italian films and their makers who inspired him. He claimed that La Dolce Vita ‘gave us the freedom to go ahead and break open cinematic narratives’.


Claiming that, ‘we have an obligation to our children to at least let them know this is here’, in 2010, Scorsese released his digitally re-mastered version of Fellini’s masterpiece to bring the film back into the spotlight for future generations.


The release was to coincide with the 50th anniversary of La Dolce Vita by Federico Fellini.


La Dolce Vita is being shown free in Florence on Valentine’s Day at 9.00pm at the Odeon in the Palazzo dello Strozzino, in Piazza Strozzi, Florence.


The Odeon is Florence’s original-language cinema (and for us, conveniently located in the same building as the Artviva Walking Tours office!) in Florence’s city centre.


For original-language cinemas in Rome, there is the Metropolitan cinema on Via Del Corso, Warner Village Cinemas in Piazza della Repubblica, Nuovo Olimpia in Via in Lucina, and Nuovo Sacher in Largo Ascianghi 1.


Copies of La Dolce Vita on DVD can be purchased from the Artviva Store in our office at Via de’ Sassetti, 1 (2nd floor) in Florence’s city centre.


If you’d like to see the city where La Dolce Vita was filmed, we have a small-group guided walking tour of Rome with expert tour guide or as a private guided walking tour of Rome with exclusive guide.


Even Artviva has been inspired by La Dolce Vita, in the naming of our La Dolce Vita Tuscany Villa Swim and Lunch.


* The Trevi Fountain is emblazoned with the Corsini family crest owing to the fountain being commissioned by Corsini family member, Pope Clement XII. Prince Duccio Corsini is a regular guest at the Artviva Festival, a unique and interesting thing to do in Florence each Monday evening in June, July, September and October at Artviva. You can also email for more information. To see the once-home of Pope Clement XII, we have expertly-guided Vatican tours too, either as a small-group skip-the-line tour of the Vatican with expert guide, or a private tour-guided Vatican tour.

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