The simple things in life are always the best in Tuscany

The mornings are still a little fresh in Tuscany, but the Tuscan sun soon warms up the signature rolling hills of Tuscany. Mornings in Tuscany are wonderfully passed by taking a ‘passegiata’, a walk up, over and around the hillside, passing vineyards raking the hillside and olive trees pegged out in neat lines in their groves.

The vineyards are strategically placed to slope down the hillside to allow for best drainage, knowledge which was acquired by trial and error throughout the centuries, leading to Tuscany being one of the best wine regions in the world!

Olive groves are placed nearby, with the trees being neatly placed around the terrain. In the past, olive oil was so important to the income and wellbeing of a household that land was bequeathed in terms of number of olive trees rather than the actual measure of the terrain!

Tuscan towns were built on hilltops to protect from oncoming attack, whilst homesteads outside the walls would be often hidden behind clusters of trees.

Tuscan homesteads scattered over the Tuscan hillside

These days, little has changed in terms of lay of the land, and indeed the recipes which have evolved throughout the history of Italy are still being ladled onto  ceramic plates passed down through the generations also, enjoyed with a glass of wine often made by family or friends nearby.

It is traditional for Italians to take a morning through the countryside, or perhaps an early-evening walk around the local town to meet and greet locals.

If you’d like to take a stroll through the Tuscan countryside, join us for a Perfect Morning in Tuscany small-group walking tour. Leaving from Florence’s city centre and heading to the surrounding countryside, this small-group walking tour includes, well, walking in Tuscany, as well as lunch with wine at a stunning Renaissance Villa Estate, accompanied by an expert tour guide.

You can also see the stunning Tuscan countryside by bike on our Original Tuscany Bike Tour ? a small-group guided bike tour through Tuscany including lunch and wine tasting.

If you’d rather skip the exertion and focus more on the excursion, we have the Best of Tuscany small-group tour, visiting three Tuscan hilltop towns (Siena, San Gimignano and Monteriggioni) as well as having wine tasting and lunch at a Tuscan Villa Estate.

In the afternoons, we have the Taste of Tuscany at the Villa Wine Tour ? taste award-winning wines at an historic Tuscany Villa on this small-group Tuscany wine tour.

For evenings, the Original Evening Walk includes a one-hour city walk in Florence to the charming Oltrarno area, followed by a wine-tasting in Florence.

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