La Biennale di Venezia – meeting artists from Venice’s wonderful Biennial

Palazzo Bembo - uniting artists in publications, symposia and exhibitions

Every two years, Venice revels itself to not only be the home of some of the most beautiful historic buildings and traditions, but also to be a leading location for some of the world’s best contemporary artists at La Biennale di Venezia.

With a tradition dating back some 116 years, since just after the first World War, other nations have set up pavilions to exhibit their own contemporary artists’ work to the event that now brings in some 300,000 visitors. Initially more focused on art, the Venice Biennial has extended to include also the Venice Film Festival and Venice Biennial of Architecture.

The Biennale takes place on odd-numbered years together with the Venice Film Festival, whilst the Venice Biennial of Architecture is on even-numbered years. The Venice Film Festival is happening this year from 31 August to 10 September 2011.

Winning works and pavilions from the Venice Biennial are awarded Leone d’Oro ? golden lions.

This year also sees the 3rd Arsenale della Danza (17th January – 15th May), the 2nd Kids’ Carnival (26th February to 8th March), the 54th International Art Exhibition – ILLUMInations (4th June to 27th November), the 68th Venice International Film Festival (31st August to 10th September), the 55th International Festival of Contemporary Music (24th September to 1st October), and the 41st International Theatre Festival (10th to 16th October).

Aside from festival events, the Venice Biennial has also established some permanent sites at the newly renovated Ca’ Giustinian and the Sala delle Colonne. These new activities include exhibitions, children’s zones, a Biennale Library, educational activities, historical archives, and more.

One exhibition space definitely worth a visit is the Palazzo Bembo. Organised by the Dutch Non-profit Organization GlobalArtAffairs Foundation, in cooperation with curators Karlyn De Jongh and Sarah Gold.

The curators write, ‘The observation that even in the most distant places of the world artists are occupied with Time ? Space and Existence led to the idea of brining several of these artists together in publications, symposia and exhibitions this exhibition at Palazzo Bembo is part of the international art project PERSONAL STRUCTURES, which was initiated in 2002 by the Dutch artist Rene Rietmeyer.

‘PERSONAL STRUCTURES as part of the 54th Biennale di Venezia, presents solo-presentations by 28 artists from 5 continents, representing 12 countries. The participating artists have their roots in diverse cultures and have very different ages. What they have in common is a dedication of the concepts Time ? Space and Existence. These subjects are highlighted not only in very personal ways but also from unusual points of view.’

Participating artists include: Marina Abramovi? (RS), Carl Andre (US), Herman de Vries (NL), Toshikatsu Endo (JP), Johannes Girardoni (US), Peter Halley (US), Joseph Kosuth (US), Melissa Kretschmer (US), Lee Ufan (KR), Ma Jun (CN), Tony Matelli (US), Judy Millar (NZ), Tatsuo Miyajima (JP), François Morellet (FR), Hermann Nitsch (AT), Roman Opalka (FR), Thomas Pihl (NO), Miriam Prantl (AT), Andrew Putter (ZA), Arnulf Rainer (AT), Rene Rietmeyer (NL), Yuko Sakurai (JP), Sasaki (JP), SEO (KR), Lawrence Weiner (US), Maik Wolf (DE), Xing Xin (CN), Zou Cao (CN).

Artviva is proud to be offering exclusive guided tours with the Palazzo Bembo artists themselves. Meet the artists at the Biennale di Venezia to explore the Palazzo Bembo and the pavilion area of the Giardino as well as the Arsenale in around 3 hours of tour accompanied by a Palazzo Bembo artist.

Close art encounters and personal insights. A Venice Biennale art tour like no other, see and experience the top highlights of the Venice Biennale. The Venice Biennale is the oldest and most important as well as the largest contemporary art exhibition in the world. It is vast and can take days to see the massive array of works on display. Not only have we selected the top highlights (saving you time) but you get to see and experience the Venice biennale with talented curators and artists exhibiting. No other tour company can offer this kind of personal encounter or insight into the Venice Biennale.

Sincere thanks for the generous support and dedication to access to contemporary art provided by the internationally renowned Palazzo Bembo Personal Structures curators and artists. Without them this program would not be possible.

This unique experience is also offered as a private tour with a Palazzo Bembo artist.

We also have this unique art encounter with artists from the Venice Biennale included as part of a Venice tours package – The Best of Venice and the Venice Biennale in Two Days.

Experience the best highlights and must-sees of Venice and the greatest art show on earth, the Venice Biennale in just two days.

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