Melodia del Vino&Villa Le Corti


Prince Duccio Corsini

Prince Duccio Corsini comes from one of Italy’s most historical families, has one of Italy’s most prestigious private art collections, and runs one of Chianti Classico’s oldest wine estates.

The Corsini family has been a patron of the arts since the Renaissance, with a history dating back to 1211. Today, the Corsini family are continuing this tradition by utilising their Villa estate to host wonderful events in Florence.

Just a look at the year 1730 gives us a taste of the family’s impact on Italian history: in that year, Lorenzo Corsini was elected Pope Clemente XII. He built the Trevi Fountain in Rome, founded the Musei Capitolini, and restored the façades of San Giovanni in Laterano and Santa Maria Maggiore.

The family private art collection includes Botticelli, Rafaello, Rubens, and Bernini, but the Corsini family focuses on their winemaking now.  They have two different wine estates ? Le Corti in the Chianti Classico and La Marsiliana, on the southern Tuscan coast.

Now a winemaker, Prince Corsini produces award-winning Tuscan wines on his historical estate, utilized also to host magnificent Tuscan events.

Tonight the Tuscan villa estate is being transformed into the location of a great event in Florence ? the Melodia del Vino. From teh 28th June to the 8th July, organisers say the founding idea that initiated the Melodia del Vino Festival was to give access to several prestigious Tusan countryside estates to connoisseurs and fans, with live musical performances in Tuscany combined with tastings in situ of excellent local wines.

Nelson Goerner - special guest at the Melodia del Vino event in Tuscany

This evening, 30th June 2011, the special guest of this great Tuscan event will be the Argentinian pianist Nelson Goerner who will perform a piano concert in the beautiful Villa situated in the picturesque beauty of the countryside.  For the occasion, Osteria del Principe has created a menu to be enjoyed the traditional Tuscan products,  oil and wine produced on the estate.

If you too would like to explore the grounds of a princely Tuscan villa, we have the Taste of Tuscany at the Villa wine tour. Explore the historic wine estate before undertaking a wine tasting. Tread through the terrain, enjoying spectacular views of the Tuscan countryside up-close and personal.

The Corsini family, good friends of Artviva, are regular special guests at the Authors, Artists and Aristocrats events giving visitors to Tuscany a chance to meet local authors, artists and aristocrats, including wine tasting and insights into Italian culture.

If you’d like to take a stroll through the Tuscan countryside, join us for a Perfect Morning in Tuscany small-group walking tour. Leaving from Florence’s city centre and heading to the surrounding countryside, this small-group walking tour includes, well, walking in Tuscany, as well as lunch with wine at a stunning Renaissance Villa Estate, accompanied by an expert tour guide.

If you would like to immerse yourself in the Tuscan countryside and be part of the scenery that has inspired so many great artworks, we have a small-group Best of Tuscany tour visiting Siena, San Gimignano and Monteriggioni, and stopping for lunch and wine tasting at an award-winning wine estate. See the highlights of Tuscany in one spectacular day tour from Florence ? Best of Tuscany small-group tour.

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