Floored in Siena – one of Tuscany’s best secrets uncovered

Say hello to 'Hellespontine Sibyl' by Neroccio di Bartolomeo de' Landi in Siena's Duomo

Visit Italy and you may think there are more interesting things to look at than the ground*.

But in one church, in one stunning Tuscan town, on just a few days each year, you may just be mistaken.

Looking up, there are the amazing towers of Tuscany to see in hilltop towns like San Gimignano and Siena, the great buildings to gaze up at, awe inspired, such as inside the Duomo of Florence and of course, the most famous ceiling in the world in the Vatican’s Sistine Chapel in Rome.

But from the 18th August to the 27th October, it is well worth lowering your gaze to see one of the most spectacular pavements you will ever have the privilege of seeing.

Detail from the Duomo of Siena in Tuscany

Normally covered by not-so-worth-seeing cardboard to protect it from people stepping atop, the stunning pavement of Siena’s marble-inlayed scenic pieces will be on display for this short time.

Outside, the Duomo of Siena is spectacular.

Siena's amazing Duomo (cathedral) - photo by Softeis.

Looking up inside the Duomo of Siena can actually make your head spin, what with the incredible black and white marble pillars that reach up to the extraordinary heights of the ornate ceiling. The walls are lined with great art masterpieces to add to the overwhelming splendour of this cathedral.

Unlike most floors which have geometric designs that give perspective to the interior, the Siena cathedral features scenes from the bible, from Siena’s rich history as well as sibyls, with a total of 59 marble pieces in all, each painstakingly inlayed or etched between 1372 to 1547.

Artists known to have worked on the designs include Beccafumi (who created a mighty 35 of the works over 30 years in the mid-1500’s), Domico di Bartolo, Punturicchio and Matteo di Giovanni. Throughout the year, only a few of these tiles are visible in a special roped-off area of the cathedral.

During Siena’s famous horserace, the Palio, more of the great art works in Tuscany are uncovered.

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* Although with the rough-hewn cobblestones, charming as they are, we do always advise watching your step!

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