Parco Faunistico del Monte Amiata – Tuscany’s Animal Park

The best views of the Tuscan countryside surroundings

In Tuscany’s Grossetto area, there is a great place to visit in Tuscany and a great way to spend a day in Tuscany getting back to nature. It’s the Parco Faunistico in the Monte Amiata area.

Comprised of rocky paths crossing forest and fields rising up and rolling down the rollercoastered landscape, there are spectacular views of the surrounding Tuscan countryside in the surrounds.


Up close and personal in Tuscany's best countryside

Within the park, you may be lucky enough to spy different species of wild orchids, wild flowers, wild cherries, hawthorn, heather, Apennine wolves, wild boars, porcupines, deer and fallow deer, chamois, foxes, badgers, hares, goats, mountain goats, vultures, several species of birds, and ‘Micci Amiatini’ (a typical kind of Monte Amiata donkeys).


Micci Amiatini - gorgeous Tuscan donkey variety

The adorable Tuscan donkeys

There is also a litter of kittens who call this place home, wisely staying near the picnic area and Restaurant area where they are well fed! It was from this area where we were lucky enough to spy our first wolf perched amongst the trees on the nearby hillside, watching down over us.


The Tuscany wildlife park's resident Mamma Cat

But our first sighting of the day occurred just as we entered.

Our first animal sighting of the day in Tuscany - a toy deer

I called over to the others that I could spy a deer. But alas it was just a small furry deer lying on its side, about 5 cm in size, a lost child’s toy. (Happily, we were later able to reunite the deer with his worried owner, a 4 year old boy who had lost his little ‘capriolo’ and was ever so grateful when we informed him of its whereabouts, secure in the knowledge that it had not stood up and wandered off into the wild his absence!)

Signposts give information and show the best places to see Tuscany's animals

There are lookouts posted throughout the park, and for the animals that are better to spy in the distance rather than meet face to face (such as the wolves) there are extensive fenced-off parklands for them to roam in the wild with various lookouts – or, look-ins as the case may be!

Great views of Tuscany from this lookout

As we walked through the beautiful Tuscan parkland, we occasionally came across other visitors. At each passing, there was a friendly exchange of ‘Did you see the deer at the watering hole?’ or, ‘There are hares over there’ and even, ‘Can you see the wolf up there? He’s watching us!’

Each and every person there seemed to have re-discovered their inner child (not so hard for the children themselves) and were clearly showing their excitement at being so immersed in such a stunning and exciting scene of nature.

A very lovely couple in their 60’s were so thrilled to have seen some deer that they took us by the arm and walked us hurriedly to the sight.

Mountain goats in the Tuscan countryside nature reserve

Soon thereafter we stumbled upon a mountain goat. First there was one then another joined him (or her), and then a third and fourth all gathered for lunch on a thorny yet clearly appetizing bush. We were delighted at having seen this wonderful animal, but decided it was time to move on when one decided they wanted to come up and greet us face to face. After all, have you seen the horns on those things?!

One of the signposts showing the best places to see the Tuscan animals

We also saw deer (real, live ones this time!), and were even able to pat the adorable Micci Amiatini donkeys.

It costs just a few euro per person to enter the Parco Faunistico, and in around 3 hours or so you should be able to cover the 6.5 km circuit. As you enter, you receive information on what you may see and how best to see it. There is a map, as well as detailed written instructions for the less map-able amongst us, including instructions on how to best find the animals and sights you want to see (e.g.: the remains of an ancient church), and avoid those you may not (e.g.: the cave filled with bats!).

Deer at the waterhole in the Tuscany animal park


Signs along the way also indicate which animals you should be looking out for in which areas.

The park management states that ‘this park has been designed to educate, help get to know, study and conserve.’

All in all, it is a great thing to do in Tuscany, a wonderful way to get back to nature, as well as being an economical day out in Tuscany. Perfect for families with children, and a great way to get some exercise in Tuscany, which you may need in the land of fantastic food and wine!

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The path to the wolf look-out
Details on the Apennine wolves in the Tuscan countryside

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