Garibaldi – stature and statues in Italy

Visit Florence, RomeVenice, or almost any other Italian city, town or charming village in Italy, and you are bound to find a street, piazza, important building or monument named ‘Garibaldi’ (pronounced something like, ‘Garry-ba-l-dee’).

Giuseppe Garibaldi (1807-1882) has become a national hero for his efforts in leading an Italian revolution in 1848, together with Giuseppe Mazzini – who in this particular instance was considered the mastermind, whilst Garibaldi  provided the muscle.

Garibaldi was born in Nice, at the time owned by the French before it was awarded to Italy’s King Victorio Emanuel I in 1814 (although Victorio Emanuel II later just handed it back!).

He was a man who was not afraid to fight for his ideals, and did so in many places around the world including Marseilles, Tunesia, Urugay, Montevideo and Brazil – where he met the future Mrs. Garibaldi, Ana Ribeiro da Silvia, who battled side-by-side until retiring from the battlefield to birth their 4 children.

His travels abroad may or may not have had something to with the fact that he had been exiled from Italy by the Piedmont region who had a less-than-positive reaction to Garibaldi’s involvement in Giuseppe Mazzini’s initial failed attempt at an initial revolution there.

However, it was the newly-appointed Pope Pius IX who eventually beckoned the roving warrior back to Italian shores and to the battles that would deem him a national  hero – and later, his second exile!

Luckily the Italians are a forgiving bunch because the long list of battles Garibaldi fought, the amazing ways in which he won (or at least survived them!) have become legendary in Italy, and have inspired many books, films and even artworks.

In fact, from Monday 5 September 2011 a new exhibition in Florence is opening in honour of Italy’s most famed battle-fighter. Open until the 16th September, 2011, the exhibition, ‘Garibaldi per l’Italia’ (Italy for Garibaldi) by Lorenzo Capellini is a collection of pictures of all the monuments dedicated to Garibaldi – story in pictures of Italy’s amazing fighter, defender and hero.

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L’Italia per Garibaldi
di Lorenzo Capellini
Palagio di Parte Guelfa – Salone Brunelleschi – Firenze
Volta dei Mercanti,1 – 50122 Firenze – Tel. 055.218271

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  1. Hi, Nick.Linda and I had a fantastic tour of Rome with Giuseppe (?). We had a full day, a great time, and the wonderful memories are now a part of our trip.Thank you for this tour and for our transfer from the airport to Hotel Cicerone on the 5th. We are looking forward to the tour you have arranged for us in Naples tomorrow morning. Per your message, we will look for our name when we depart the Grand Princess about 8am.Please convey our appreciation to Giuseppe.Sincerely,Jim & Linda

    1. Thanks for your comment Jim! We will be sure to pass on your comments to your guide and we look forward to having you on tour with us again in the future. Best regards, Jade at Artviva.

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