Grateful for Thanksgiving – in Florence, Italy

Il Palagio restaurant at the Four Seasons for Thanksgiving dinner in Florence

Italy is one of the best places to visit to experience age-old traditions that have continued through to this day.

But one tradition you’d probably not expect to experience is a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in Florence. But if do happen to be in Florence for Thanksgiving (which in 2011 falls on Thursday, November 24th), you’ll be pleased to know there are many great places to go for your turkey fix!

One most marvellously unusual thing to do in Florence for Thanksgiving is to go to ‘Shadows of Tuscany’ – a unique evening of rare Tuscan songs which were recently discovered from the 1860s, the time when Florence was about to become the capital of Italy. The concert starts at 7pm, and dinner with wine is at 8pm. The Special Thanksgiving Concert and Dinner on November 24 is 50 euro per person. (There are other concerts being held on November 22nd and December 8 and 20.) For more information and reservations, call 3356847266 or email

The Four Seasons hotel is hosting a traditional Thanksgiving day dinner in Florence, Italy. The Four Seasons Thanksgiving Dinner is being held at the Il Palagio restaurant, with a traditional Thanksgiving Day Menu that is certainly worthy of being grateful for:

Topinambur flan with truffle fondue and quail eggs – Seared scampi with chestnut cream and artichokes salad with balsamic vinegar – Parmesan cheese risotto with black pepper and duck breast with orange – Traditional turkey stuffed with herbs, cranberry sauce and glazed sweet potatoes – Pumpkin bavarese with amaretti and crunchy pumpkin seeds – Coffee and friandises.

This Thanksgiving dinner in Florence is being held on Thursday 24 November, at 8.30 pm. Price is Euro 95.00 per person (wines not included). For information and reservations call +39 055 2626 450.

Another restaurant in Florence, Le Vie is serving Thanksgiving dinner in their great little location in Florence that combines art and food in a great setting, and the menu for Thanksgiving in Florence is no different, with specialities from both nations combining in one delicious menu.

The American church in Florence, St James’ Church is also holding a great Thanksgiving event in Florence, with a traditional American Thanksgiving menu. The price is 45 euro per person, starting at 8.00pm at Via Rucellai 9, Florence. Call (+39) 055 29 44 17 or email

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