The Secret to Beauty & Fashion, Italian-style

Italian fashion has always been up-to-the-minute - and thankfully, always changing!

In Italian, the idea of making a good impression is expressed as ‘fare una bella figura’ – that is, to make a beautiful figure of your self. In the land of great art and artists, some of the world’s best artisan craftsmen, and the top fashion brands, it is no wonder that beauty in Italy is so important.

(The only exception is when you are talking about food. If something is delicious, you say it is ‘delizioso’ o ‘molto buono’ – very good – but only if it is actually beautiful to look at would you describe food asbeing  beautiful!)

Just like the Italian architecture that manages to be beautiful and impressive without being ostentatious, the Italians really are experts in beauty when it comes to fashion too.

So how do Italians living on modest incomes always manage to look so stunning and be at the height of fashion at all times?

The secret is the nack of blending high-end Italian fashion brand classics with up-to-the-minute fashion buys obtained from no-name suppliers at the local markets.

Each town and village in Italy has a local market usually around once per week. A street or piazza is blocked off to be filled with an array of market stalls selling everything from the latest fashion (and sometimes even last season’s latest fashions at super bargain prices!), household goods, handbags, gift ideas, garden items, ceramics, cosmetics – everything!

The locals stroll through, wandering from stand to stand, idling through the crowds, stopping frequently to enthusiastically greet a neighbour, family member or friend in such an enthusiastic way that you’d think it had been years and not just a day or so since they last met. Cheek kisses and heartfelt ‘come stai?’ (how are you?) and a touch of gossip ensue, before an exchange of information on where to buy the lastest and greatest at the market.

These items are then perfectly matched with a few key items from the the big Italian fashion houses such as Ferragamo, Gucci, Prada, Valentino, Armani, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana to name but a few of the whose-who in fashion not only in Italy, but in the world of fashion!

Amazing shoes, a stunning handbag and a great hair-do and you’re set!

For the best markets in Florence’s historical city centre, there is the great San Lorenzo Market that seeps out from around the San Lorenzo Basilica, covering a good half-day’s worth of shopping for everything from bags, jackets, clothing and accessories, shoes,  ceramics and great gift ideas from Florence. It’s open every day. The Porcellino Market (also known as the Mercato Nuovo – it’s only several centuries old after all!) is located under the Logge del Porcellino. It’s a little more enclosed, but you can always guarantee to find some great gifts, a stunning Florence leather handbag and many other treasures. At the Sant’Ambrogio Market in Piazza Ghiberti (just a short walk from Piazza Santa Croce), you can mix with many a local out to do buy fresh produce at the market, as well as more household items and a splash of fashion items too. There are also often markets that spring up around Florence’s city centre for Christmas, and other special occasions too.

You can get to the Florence fashion outlets from the SITA Bus Deposit just by the central Florence train station (Firenze Santa Maria Novella).

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