Florence by Night – beautiful in any light

Reason we love Florence #4837 is the way her beauty and charm changes, not only with the seasons, the months of the year and with each day of the week, but also with the time of day.

Pre-bustle, the only people on the street just at sunrise in Florence are the street cleaners who make way for the early morning commuters and sleepy-eyed travellers determined to utilise every precious moment enjoying all the great things to do Florence.

Then there is the splendour of Florence during the day. Walking around Florence, there are those who want to visit the must-see sights and the locals on their way from appointment to appointment (or just out for a lovely stroll themselves).

By late afternoon to early evening, people are in the various stages of the much-celebrated ritual of dinner.

Then comes the magical time.

It’s that special hour or so, which during the winter falls at around 9-10 o’clock on a week-day evening.

Whilst many who are just visiting Florence are worn out and have returned back to their hotel room, the late-dining locals are still to be found around dinner tables with their families and friends, or seated in the warm bars and restaurants.

At this time, there is a lovely quiet in Florence streets, which are near deserted. Walking around the charming historical city centre of Florence is an intimate stroll, just you and the city and the stars above.

Wandering the city of Florence you feel like this city is all yours, to take in the sights, to take photos without having to elbow-out a space in front of the statues and moments, to take a few precious minutes to feel totally immersed in the history in which you find yourself.

The only sounds are the occasional whisper of a conversation that seep out of the odd window or doorway, and the rhythm of your own footsteps clicking on the cobbled streets. The air is still delightfully heady with aromas of cooking coming from restaurant kitchens, whilst also being fresh enough to bring that lovely winter blush to the cheeks.

It’s not long until the mid-evening slumber awakes, and locals take a post-dinner stroll after a delicious meal in Florence, or leisurely walk home from a wonderful restaurant meal and you have company again on the streets of Florence.

But for those wonderful moments, she is yours, all yours.

We couldn’t help but take a few photos of Florence by night. Of course, nothing is as good as the real thing, which is why we offer a great range of private tours to guide you around Florence with an excellent tour guide.

Whilst the best time to visit Italy is always, anytime you can, every month of the year, please be aware that coming to Florence during the winter months means many group tours and other activities (such as boats connecting the Cinque Terre villages, bike tours and the like) are not on offer.

The good news is that this means when you do book a tour in the winter months in Florence, it will be a private tour with your very own expert guide! Artviva offer a great range of private tours and activities all year around.

During the winter months, we have a great selection of private tours of Florence (and Tuscany) as well  Private Rome ToursPrivate Venice Tours and private tours to the Cinque Terre and beyond.

To learn more about the fascinating history of Florence, Artviva’s Original Florence Walk, a guided tour of Florence with an expert guide, includes many other must-see sights in Florence in a great small-group guided city walk tour.

In the Uffizi Gallery, you can see some of the most precious artworks in the world, as painted by some of the greatest artists in history. The Uffizi Gallery houses what is arguably one of the finest collections of Renaissance art. Michelangelo’s David is breathtaking and well-worth visiting too!

You can experience the Uffizi Gallery and Vasari Corridor with a wonderful tour guide on our skip-the-line guided tour of the Uffizi Gallery with our expert guide, followed by an exclusive-entry guided tour of the Vasari Corridor.

To explore other areas of Italy, can check out our Artviva Walking Tours website to read more about the tours we have to offer in Florence, RomeVeniceCinque Terre, Umbria, Naples, Pompeii and more.

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  1. Arrived home last evening and just wanted to drop you a quick line to tell you how satisfied we were with your company’s services. The whole Family enjoyed time spent in Rome, on the road to Sorrento, and the Tour in Pompeii and on the Vatican Tour. Our guide’s knowledge of ancient Rome was amazing, the boys enjoyed his knowledge, humor and everyone had a great time. I will use you as a referral should I have the opportunity with any friends traveling to Italy. Thanks again (Grazie’)