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One man (and his faithful support team) is presently putting a lot of energy into raising awareness and funding for prevention of cancer.

Luca Turrini is running 20 marathons in 29 days, one in each region of Italy.

Spurred on by the recent loss of his mother to cancer, he is expecting to travel some 844 km to help raise support for the for the Cancer Council of New South Wales, Australia, which focuses on cancer research and prevention, as well as providing support to cancer patients.

Luca’s first run was for the Rome Marathon on Sunday, March 18th. His last will be the Milan Marathon on Sunday, April 15 2012.

If you’d like to support Luca, you can do so by either making a donation (as of writing, he has raised close to $35,000!) and/or by joining him on the run.

Please visit the OutrunCancer site for more details.

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  1. Hiroko says:

    Italy is beautiful, and your photos are incredible. Hope you had an amazing time! (Looks like you did)