New Venice Biennale Building for Australia

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A concept image of new Australian Pavilion to be constructed in Venice for 2015, set to replace the 'temporary' venue erected in 1988.

A new building for the Australian contemporary art exhibit at the Venice Biennale has been announced.

Construction of the new space is set to be complete by 2015.

Designed by Denton Corker Marshall architectual firm, financing of the $6 million structure is to be entirely privately funded.

The new Australian pavillion will showcase art, architecture, film and photography exhibitions at the Venice Biennale.

The Australian pavillion has been in a ‘temporary’ building since 1988.


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  1. Yoshiki says:

    I was in Venice last week!We actually steayd in Lido, so don’t do that because we had to take the boat to Venice every day yadah yadah. Where to go?What I enjoyed the most about Venice was just walking. We walked everywhere and you can easily figure out where you are going, people are helpful.It’s cold there right now too! There was snow on the ground, but if you’re going in the next couple weeks, maybe it will warm up. But if you are leaving soon, I’d suggest bringing jacket, scarf, and gloves. I had all on + sweatshirt and was still frozen.